Mascot Baptized With Name, ‘SOLO’

Youngsters Scooped Prizes for winning SolPG2023 Mascot Name Inauguration Competition


Zola Karamui and Damien Paul White were the winners of the SolPG2023 Mascot name competition.

Zola 16 is currently doing her form six science at Betikama Adventist College while Damien 13 is doing his grade six at Woodford International School.

Damien Paul white receiving his cash prize.

The duo was announced at the National Museum Auditorium in Honiara during the official launch of Sol PG2023 Mascot name by Guest Speaker the Hon. Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare.

The Sol2023 Mascot name, ‘SOLO’ was unveiled by PM Sogavare on Thursday 21 July this week.

“The reason why I choose Solo is that the mascot is a storyteller of specific divisions such as school, sports, and many more,’’ said 16-year-old Karamui.

Zola Karamui.

“I choose the name ‘Solo’ because it acts as a symbol to represent us as one country that stands in unity through games, to overcome challenges, celebrate and enjoy our games in 2023,’’ she said.

“It also acts as a connection that brings every one of us to come together as people of Solomon Islands whilst giving the identity of our diverse culture and pride as Solomon islanders,’’ she said.

“Every time we cheer for solo like Go Solo Go, it reflects every moment we gave courage for each and every citizen of Solomon to be happy and have pride as a Solomon islander,’’ she added.

“I am grateful for the name ‘Solo’ to be the Mascot name and I am thankful that it will unite us under the PG2023 games and so forth,’’ young Ms Karamui told Raw sports.

For 14-yer-old Damien of Woodford international school, winning the award has come as a surprise to him.

He told Raw sports that he was happy to be one of the winners of the SolPG2023 Mascot name inauguration competition.

“When I found out that I am one of the winners of the SBD$10,000 I am so happy, I will help my dad with the money as well to do his job,’’ said the grade six student.

Damien Paul White.

“At school, I heard from my student colleagues mentioning the name, solo, solo, frequently. They frequently said that word,’’ he explained.

“So when they told us to submit our names for the Mascot name competition, it comes from my mind that that is why the name solo is frequently mentioned, so I put down that name, Solo,’’ young Damien said.

The name given for the Sol PG2023 Mascot was ‘SOLO’ and was launched on Thursday 21 July at the National Museum auditorium in Honiara.

The theme for the 2023 Pacific Games is, ‘challenge, celebrate and unite’.

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