Zakele Trophy Cup 2022: Katario Soccer League in Northeast Choiseul to Kick-off This Week


THE Katario Soccer League for clubs in Northeast Choiseul will Kick-off this week, July 7 2022, former Member of Provincial Assembly for Katario Ward 13, Ronald Zakele told Raw Sports.

The 11-aside men’s Soccer League will be opened on Thursday at Northeast Choiseul’s Soranamola Village.

Ronald Zakele said the purpose of the league is to prepare players in order to have a good selected soccer side to represent Katario and Northeast Choiseul for the upcoming ‘Kuvojo Cup’ that is said to take place around September at Taro Station.

He said five soccer teams at Katario representing Susuka, Kuma, Koloe, Soranamola and Kadova villages will be participating in the small league that will be of ‘free registration’, as prizes are, $1, 000.00 for 1st with the ‘Zakele Trophy Cup’, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd and $200 for 4th.

Ronald who will be opening the soccer tournament said that a small soccer parade will take place during the opening.

“Prices are supported through by the Member of Parliament [MP] for Northeast Choiseul.

“A team to represent Katario will be selected from the league, in order to represent us for the Kuvojo Cup.

“A small parade will take place with the soccer team players in uniforms. Around 1:30pm I should officially declare the opening of the league.

“The young people of Katario Ward are excited towards the sport event to take place,” said Zakele.

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